Day In The Life

7 a.m.

Your alarm clock rings and you roll out of bed. You turn on the faucet to brush your teeth and fluoride-enriched water flows out. Despite being reluctant to work this morning, you have slept well.

7:30 a.m.Breakfast

Before you leave the house, you have a balanced, nutritious breakfast. The milk, orange juice, and coffee you prepare have all been inspected and approved as ready for human consumption. The same goes for your bread, bagels, cream cheese, cereal, bananas, or any other breakfast food you choose.

8 a.m.

You hop in the car for your daily commute to work and buckle your seatbelt. As you are driving, you can be assured that public health experts have conducted research that have led to improved traffic safety laws.

9 a.m.

Your workday has begun. The air filters provide the office with clean air. Public health experts researching the effects of proper posture on chronic musculoskeletal injuries developed your office chair with ergonomics in mind. The overhead lights have been designed to provide just the right amount of light so as to keep you awake during work and also reduce depressive symptoms.

12 p.m.Walking

At lunch, you go for a brisk walk. The CDC encourages adults to get at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Regular exercise can help you:

5 p.m.

You go to meet friends or work colleagues for an early dinner. You open the restaurant door and before being seated, you catch a glimpse of the city or county certificate of approval. The certificate Restaurantsignifies your chosen restaurant serves clean food.

8 p.m.

Before reading a best selling novel and falling asleep, you decide to watch some television. The evening newscaster mentions the latest study into the effects of smoking on lung cancer and another study about the latest data released for a new cancer drug. The FDA announced approval of a new medication to treat asthma and public health experts are handling possible disease transmission after a recent hurricane hits the southern States. A commercial explains the latest food guide and you start planning what breakfast you would like to eat tomorrow morning.