Emergency Planning For People With Special Needs

Senior citizens and disabled persons living in special-care facilities should review the building's emergency plans. Know where your medicines and special medical equipment are located in case you need to have someone get it during an evacuation. Equipment such as wheelchairs, canes, or Medicalwalkers should be labeled with your name.

People living at home who are disabled or have special medical needs should identify people who can help during an emergency. Make sure these people know where you keep your emergency supplies. Give someone a key to your house or apartment.

Medical-alert tags or bracelets will help identify your disability if you need medical attention. If you need dialysis or another life-sustaining treatment, know the location of more than one facility. A supply kit for people with special needs should include the following additional items:Eyeglasses


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Missouri DHSS Planning for Emergencies: Three Steps to be Prepared, A Family Safety Guide