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Enhance Wellness LogoWelcome to Enhance Wellness, a project created to provide accessible, low cost, and a comprehensive health promotion program to older adults with chronic conditions.

The belief in self efficacy is the core philosophy of Enhance Wellness. The program is participant driven and self-managed with a focus on increased physical and social activity and independence. The program is evidenced based and has shown to improve both physical and emotional functioning in the the lives of participating older adults. Participants in the study experienced a 38% reduction in the number of hospitalization, a 72% reduction in the total number of hospital days required by those who were admitted, and a 36% reduction in the use of psychoactive medications.

Enhance Wellness has not only had positive research results, but has received two national awards: The American Public Health Association 1999 Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation; and the Northshore Senior Center, where Enhance Wellness originated, received the National Institute of Senior Centers 2000 Research Award.

Getting Started Older Couple

Your Enhance Wellness team, consisting of a registered nurse and a social worker, will work with you to identify your strengths and risks. A detailed questionnaire will be reviewed so they can put together an Enhance Wellness plan that will be developed to focus on areas you choose to work on.

Move into action with the support of a health professional and/or volunteer health mentor. These members of your team will offer ongoing encouragement, feedback, and monitoring, as well as help with problem solving, health education, and if indicated, referral to support groups and additional services.

Enhance Wellness
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All services provided on a non-discriminatory basis.