Food Safety

Food Recalls

To see the latest food recalls by the State of Missouri please click on this link Food Recalls.


Your Lafayette County Health Department wants to ensure the food safetyComplaint Form and cleanliness of your dining experience. You, as the consumer, can serve as our eyes and ears since we are only there on-site inspecting each establishment a few hours per year. If you have a complaint regarding cleanliness, service, or food quality, you should first contact the manager of the establishment in question. If you do not feel your complaint has been addressed, please contact us. If your complaint is related to a violation of the Missouri Food Codes please report it to us directly. The phone number is 660-259-4371 x2014 or email at


The main purpose for food establishment inspections is to prevent food borne illness or food poisoning. Getting ill from food is no joke. It happens to millions of Americans every year. Food borne illnesses may be life-threatening to infants and toddlers, the elderly, and those with a weakened immune system. Symptoms of Vegetablesfood borne illnesses are usually flu-like: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps. These symptoms usually begin several hours to days after eating contaminated foods. If you believe you have contracted a food borne illness you should see a physician for treatment and a definite diagnosis. Food borne illnesses are diagnosed by stool or vomitus samples and sometimes blood tests. You should keep some of the food in question if possible. You will need to provide us a history of what and where you ate and drank for several days prior to becoming ill. Quite often when you get sick you think it's from the last thing you ate, but that is not always the case. To report a suspected case of food borne illness, please contact the Lafayette County Health Department or go to Report Food Poisoning. For more specific information on food borne illness, please visit the Centers for Disease Control.

Food Safety Education

While regulation and inspection is an important function, the main function of your ClassLafayette County Health Department is to provide guidance and education. There are many occasional food functions by individuals and non-profit organizations which are not required to obtain a permit, but those involved are encouraged to learn about and follow food safety guidelines. Educational presentations are available upon request. For more food safety information, please visit Gateway to Government Food Safety Information.

For information on our Foodhandler Classes please visit the Foodhandlers Class page.