Prepare A Kit

If an emergency happens, you might not be able to get food or water for days or weeks, and your electricity may not be working.

Try to have three days worth of food and fresh water for each person in your plan. You should have one gallon of water for each person for each day. If you have the room, you should store two week's worth of drinking water for each person.

Food and water aren't the only things you need to have on hand. The following items should be a part of your emergency kit. The kit should be kept in a container that can be easily carried in case you have to leave home. You could use a large bag, plastic container, or a trash can with a lid. You can find a more detailed emergency kit checklist by clicking here.


Basic Supplies

Car Supplies

Keep a small, portable emergency supply kit in your car at all times. In addition, you should include a small, personal supply kit with:

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