What is Emergency Preparedness?

1. What is health?

a. Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infection.

2. What is public health?

a. Public health is the science and art of preventing disease and injuries, prolong life and promote physical and mental health and efficiency through organized community efforts.

3. What is a public health emergency?

a. A public health emergency is a situation whose health consequences have the potential to overwhelm routine community capabilities to address them.

4. What are some emergency preparedness initiatives in Lafayette County?

a.  Lafayette County Health Department is partners with nursing homes, school districts, churches, emergency managers, EMS, and law enforcement to name some, that work together  to form an educational resource and also a responding resource in case of emergency. We are prepared to respond to a major medical
issue and/or  some type of bioterrorist event in which we would dispense prophylaxis medications to the entire county.

5. What are some of the specific risks to the citizens of Lafayette County?

a. The residents of Lafayette County are vulnerable to pandemics, bioterrorist attacks, chemical incidents, and natural disasters such as tornados, flooding, severe weather and earthquakes.

6. What is an open Point of Dispensing (POD)?

a. An open POD is a site that is setup and run by Lafayette County Health Department to provide life-saving medications to the general population in the event of a public Health emergency.

7. What is a closed POD site?

a. A closed POD is a private location where medications are dispensed to the organization's employees and/or family members and others for which the organization is responsible for.  A closed POD is NOT intended to serve medical countermeasures to the general public.

8. Does Lafayette County Public Health recruit volunteers for emergency preparedness?

a. Yes. The Health Department maintains a database of licensed medical folks and non-medical volunteers that wish to offer their assistance in the event of a public
health emergency.  To register, visit our volunteer location on this website.

For additional information on any/or all of the above questions, please call Lafayette County
Health Department at: 660-259-4371.