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Food Establishments

We work for you.

We Use State Health Department Codes

From inspections and permits to licenses and certifications, we put community first.

Public health includes making certain the food you eat at restaurants and other venues is safe for consumption. We take this role seriously.

What We Do


Businesses that serve or sell food to the public in Lafayette County are inspected by the Lafayette County Health Department, under the authority of the State Health Department using the Missouri Food Code.

The basic components of an inspection include:

  • Employee hygiene
  • Food handling practices
  • Management knowledge of food safety rules
  • Proper heating, cooling, and holding of food
  • Sanitation and cleanliness

For a complete list of the Food Safety Rules please refer to the Missouri Food Code – Protection from Contamination. For a summary of our rules, download our food brochure.

Follow this link for a list of recent inspections.

To report foodborne illness believed to have been acquired in Lafayette County,  call the LCHD at 660-259-4371 X234 immediately. You, the public, are our eyes and ears. If you have a legitimate complaint and feel that important food rules are not being followed, please report your complaint to the LCHD 660-259-4371 X2014 or email

Food Establishment Permits

A permit from the Lafayette County Health Department is required to operate a food establishment. Fees are based on rating establishments as either high, medium, or low public health priority. These ratings are based on this corresponding worksheet.

For a yearly food service permit renewal application, print the Food Service Permit Renewal Application.

For a yearly food license, print the Food Service Permit Application.

View the Food Service Permit Regulations.

For building or a major remodel of proposed new establishments, follow this link.

Feel free to view the entire Lafayette County Food Ordinance.

Liquor License Approval

If the Missouri Division of Liquor Control requires the Lafayette County Health Department’s approval as one of their requirements for a state liquor license, you must hold or obtain a permit (see requirements above) and your facility must be approved either by passing a pre-opening inspection or by submitting designs and plans subject to approval. Follow this link for building criteria.

Temporary Food Stands

For rules and guidelines regarding temporary food stands at fairs, festivals, and other events, please download the following:

Farmer’s Market

Download the Farmer’s Market Guidelines to learn more.

Per state of Missouri regulations, no marijuana-infused products can be sold at a farmers’ market. Only a licensed facility may sell marijuana-infused products and only from their licensed facility. More information may be found at the following link:

Frozen Dessert Licenses

Establishments with soft-serve ice cream and other similar equipment are required to have a license from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. If you need a Frozen Dessert License, the Inspector will notify the State Health Department and you will receive an application. If you need to renew your Frozen Dessert License, they will require a copy of the most recent health inspection.  To request a copy, contact the Lafayette County Health Department; a document search and copying fee will apply.

Food Handler Certification

As part of the Lafayette County Food Ordinance, most people working at a permit-holding establishment must have a food handlers certificate or card from Lafayette County Health Department or another approved program. Food handler certification classes in Lafayette County are offered monthly. Contact LCHD for dates and times.