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Food Handlers

Learn about the requirements in Lafayette County.

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Proper food handling is key to ensure food consumed by the public is safe.

We are here to help. Make certain your establishment is compliant with all state and local health department rules and protocols. See details below.

What You Need to Know

Food Handler Class

Online Food handler training is available. English, Spanish, Chinese, and other options are available. A third-party website, has contracted with the Lafayette County Health Department to provide online classes. A Food Handler Card can be printed after passing the test. For technical issues, contact customer service at (801) 494-1416. Purchase Online Course.

Food Handler Class Schedule

Classes are held at the Lafayette County Health Department, 547 S. Highway 13, in Lexington. The class is approximately 1.5 hours. Classes may also be scheduled on-location for new businesses and in special circumstances. Onsite classes require 10 or more registered and pre-paid students The cost is $20 per student.

All employees and managers with food preparation duties are required to obtain a Lafayette County food Handler’s card within one month of hire.

Current food handler cards from other health jurisdictions may be accepted. Current manager training certifications such as ServSafe and Certified Food Safety Professional will be accepted, however, managers must be familiar with the Missouri Food Code requirements.

Download the food handler class schedule, or call 660.259.4371 x2014.